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Librarian  librarian is a person who is in charge of or works professionally in a library and is responsible for its management and services. Librarian takes care of the library and its resources. Typical job of a librarian includes managing collection development and acquisitionscataloging, collections management, circulation, and providing a range of services, such as reference, information, instruction, and training services, etc.

Librarians are trained in library and information science and are engaged in providing library services, usually holding a degree in library science. In the United States, the title Librarian is reserved for persons who have been awarded the ALA-accredited Master of Library and Information Science or MLIS degree or certified as professionals by a state agency.

In a small library, such as a school library a single librarian may be responsible for managing the overall functions of the library but big libraries, such as a large academic library may have much staff to carry out different functions of the library depending on their qualifications, expertise, and functional specializations, e.g. acquisition librarian, archivists, cataloging librarian, electronic resources librarian, metadata librarian, reference librarian, serials librarian, systems librarian, etc. Based on the type of the library served, librarians may be classified as a school librarian, academic librarian, special librarian, etc.

The increasing role of technology in libraries has a significant impact on the changing roles of librarians. A 21st-century librarian is required to be very much updated of technological changes. New age librarians are making greater use of emerging technologies in the library management and services to make it more popular and useful among the patrons. New age librarians are not mere bookworms, they are high-tech information professionals, and clever communicators, helping patrons dive in the oceans of information available in books and digital records. ... ... ... (click librarian to view complete post)

Professor P. B. Mangla - Famous Librarians and Library Science Teachers Biography Series - Professor P.B. Mangla had his higher education at three prestigious Universities, viz. Panjab University (Chandigarh)University of Delhi and Columbia University, New York (USA). He obtained his Master’s degree in History from Panjab University, and, degrees in Library & Information Science from the University of Delhi and then Columbia University, New York. At the University of Delhi, he was a student of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, father of library science and library movement in India. While at Columbia University he had the opportunity to study and do research under the guidance of well- known scholars of the world. He was a Rockefeller Foundation Scholar for his studies at Columbia University during the 1960s.

Presently he is a Tagore National Fellow under the Government of India Ministry of Culture since 2010. This Fellowship Scheme has been instituted by the Union Government in connection with the 150th Birth Anniversary of the great India luminary Rabinder Nath Tagore. This is a prestigious Fellowship and funded generously to be at par with the basic pay of a Central University Vice-chancellor. Till now he is the only academic who has been honored with this Fellowship in the country in his field of specialization and has been called as a ‘legendary scholar and authority in the field of Library Science’. (Read complete article here on the life and works of Professor P. B. Mangla).

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